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Another MBA ? Which new institute is this ? Which management course are they conducting ?
Do you wish to ask such questions ? Well, this is a different MBA, which stands for what we all need to understand and practice in our daily life, whether at work or at home!

MBA (Mutually Beneficial Activities) Foundation, aims at providing a life with self-esteem and dignity to differently abled individuals. We extend a helping hand towards developing the lives of such individuals. The number of people with disabilities in India is as high as 7.5 crores. One of the major activities carried out by us is spreading awareness about the abilities, strengths and rights of people with special needs. We make our beneficiaries understand that along with practicing their rights, they should also be aware of their duties. We arrange various events to educate people about the challenges disabled individuals face and that they too deserve as normal a life as possible.

After, establishing our first center of Chembur in 2002, we have expanded our reach to more people with disabilities through three more centers in Powai, Gorai and Thane. We offer day care activities and life care support at our centers. Our staff at different centers ensures quality service to our beneficiaries and their parents/guardians.

Special educators train our beneficiaries in different areas according to their age and capabilities. After the initial assessment, children up to the age of 11 years undergo early childhood intervention, children between 12-17 years of age undergo pre–vocational training and individuals above 18 years receive training in different vocational skills. After training, they make various products in our sheltered work centers. These products are sold at exhibitions and events held in different places. These activities make them self-employed and confident. In addition, some of the beneficiaries who are capable of working outside are provided with mainstream employment.

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Registered Office & Main Rehabilitation Centre

GODS' Abode
Plot no 23 A, Sector 17, Next to Abhudaya Bank,
Airoli, Navi Mumbai- 400708
Tel. :91 22 27795994 / 27795995

Community Based Centre

GODS’ Heavens
Vanrai 10J-1 SRA CHS,
Chandivali farm road,
Sangharsh Nagar, Mumbai 400 072.
Tel: +91 96190 64801/ +91 70453 66368


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